Workshop 1: Drawing using Different Techniques


In this task we had to draw using unusual techniques such as not looking at the paper, holding the pencil in a fist while drawing, drawing with you non dominant hand and a few others. These techniques made me think about the drawing much more than I usually do since most of the time I draw from memory. This task also produced some interesting styles of drawing such as the one where we couldn’t look at the paper which came out as an abstract piece of art. I feel I could use these skills in the future when drawing to produce a different style to my usual style of drawing.

Workshop 2: Perspective


For our first task we had to draw a kitchen and then a hallway with one point perspective. One point perspective is when the image has one vanishing point and every line excluding vertical ones points towards the vanishing point. I found this task fairly easy since I have used one point perspective many times before.


The second task was to draw a house using two point perspective. Unlike the first task this is when the picture has two vanishing points. This was slightly harder than the first task because I have not done this before but I was quick to pick it up and understand the concept but I feel I need some more practice on it.

Workshop 3: Construction Drawing

This week we were focusing on construction drawings. Our main task was to draw a variety of standard objects arranged in a random way on the table.

Construction Drawing

This drawing was our first one in which we used pencil and were advised not to use the rubber and keep all our construction lines. I made a few mistakes on this because it was hard to get the correct scale and measurements of and between the objects. I also had a few problems with the perspective of the objects.

The second drawing was a charcoal one from a different angle. This was a more fluid drawing and we used the edge of the charcoal to create effective straight lines. I was also able to smudge the charcoal to hide some imperfections in the drawing.

Workshop 4: Negative and Positive Shapes


This week we had to draw negative and positive shapes. To achieve this we were given the task to draw an arrangement of objects such as tape, a pencil and some wires. This was a fairly difficult task because there was so many components and they had interesting relationships with each other. I also made the mistake of drawing the image slightly tilted up but I got the perspective correct which was still good. Overall I feel drawing negative space is an effective way of drawing lots of objects together and I feel I will use this in the future.

Workshop 5: Drawing the Human Form

DSC00050 DSC00051

For this task we had to draw the human form quickly by drawing the basic lines in the body, i.e the spine, head, arms and legs. I used the website Pixelovely for reference images. I found this task fair simple since I have done this type of drawing many times before.


For the second task we had to flesh out the drawings to make them more like people and less like skeletons. I also found this task fairly simple because I have done a lot of work on the human form. This is a useful skill to have because I feel I will use it in the future.

Workshop 6: Drawing Heads and Hands


In this task we had to draw a profile view of the person next to us and make sure we take into account the proportions of the face. I found this task fairly easy because I have done a lot of this before.


In the second task we had to draw a portrait view of the same person. This task I found slightly harder because I had to make sure both halves of the face looked right. I didn’t draw all the hair because that isn’t really an important part of the face.



For these tasks we had to draw faces at different angles. This task was fairly hard because I haven’t had much practice doing this and I feel it’s a skill I need to practice on.


This was the last task on faces. For this task we had to draw some more faces from our imagination. I found this task fairly simple and I don’t think I need anymore practice with this.


This task was to draw hands. We had to draw a skeleton of them and then flesh them out. I found tis slightly tricky since it was new to me.


Concept art is a form of illustration used to convey an idea used usually for film, animation or video games for example.


Keyleth by Mikandi Source Date: 02/11/15

This piece of concept art is based in a fantasy world much like many other pieces of concept art since the character in this painting is not realistic since she has elf ears. This was mostly likely created using digital means to create it. The artist has a good use of layers since has got some plants in the foreground the character in the middle and some more plants in the background as scenery.


Ross Tran Source Date: 02/11/15

Ross Tran has created a piece of concept art that is also set in a fantasy themed world. The picture seems to be set on an imaginary planet and the creature next to the women is also fictional. This piece of art also seems to be created using digital means such as Photoshop. The is a great sense of isolation with these two characters since they seem to be alone on this planet. The image has a strong focus on the centre of the image because the bottom of the half the image seems to be slightly blurred.


Hand Drawn Concept Art by kkfreak Source Date: 02/11/15

Here is a hand drawn landscape which looks as if it was drawn in pencil but I’m not entirely sure. If this sketch was to be developed colour would probably be added. I like this style of concept art because is very basic and barebones and it is not covered in fancy visuals. This piece also looks like its set in a futuristic scene/environment.



Source Date: 09/11/15

The scenery for my story will be set in a futuristic city that has been destroyed and covered in foliage such as vines, bushes and grass for example. I will use features of these cities and include them into the scenery.


Source Date: 09/11/15

Here is the citadel from the game “Half Life 2”. I could take inspiration from this tower design and use it as one of the skyscrapers in a city scene.

Theme Board

Here is a theme board made up of several different cities, some real and some fictional.

Objects and Artifacts


Source Date: 16/11/15

Here is a futuristic car. I will use this car and images like this for reference in my concept art, however I will make these cars look destroyed and broken to fit in with the apocalypse setting of my story.


Source Date: 16/11/15


Source Date: 16/11/15


Source Date: 16/11/15


Source Date: 16/11/15

I will take inspiration from the weathering from this car and apply it to futuristic designs of cars.


Source Date: 16/11/15

Here are some surveillance drones and objects used for surveillance in my city setting. This piece above is from the game Half Life 2 and I will probably use it as a reference for designing futuristic objects and equipment.


Source Date: 16/11/15


Source Date: 16/11/15



Here is the story behind my concept art.

Ideas Generation


Here are a few character sketches. The character on the left will be the main character. He is an ex police officer. The character on the right is one of the robots that have taken over the world.



Here are a few examples of possible environments for the concept art.


Here are some basic concepts for vehicles and surveillance drones before the apocalypse. The actual cars and drones will be weathered and damaged.

Ideas Development


Character Development

This image shows the development of the main characters face. The images on the top row show potential faces for the main character. On the row below I have taken the features I liked from the top row and combined them to make the main characters face.

Body Type

Here are different body type examples of the main character. I think the body type in the middle will fit the main character since its not too muscular or too slim.

Produce Outcome


Final Face

I used this sketch and created some basic shapes over it in Illustrator using the pen tool to create a basic outline.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.16.09

Here is the basic outline of the front view of the face.

Final Face 1

Here is the front view of the face with facial features. I made the shapes of the facial features by adding and subtracting shapes together.

Final Face 2

Here is the side view of the face with a basic outline. I aligned the features of the left face with the right face by using guides on Illustrator.

Final Face 3

Here is the final piece of the people concept art section. I decided to make a piece of the character before the apocalypse. I made this in Illustrator.



Here is the main construction lines of my environment study. I decided to go for a two point perspective view because I felt it was more interesting than just a one point perspective view.


On this step I removed the construction lines and added doors to the buildings.


In this step I added more detail to the buildings in the scene.


In this step I finished adding detail to all the buildings.


In this step I started adding destruction and weathering to the buildings.


This is the final piece (If you want to see the image in more detail refer to the original). I finished it up by adding some destruction to the road and pavement and finished adding vines and smoke to the buildings.


Drone 1

First I started with a few basic shapes in Illustrator and then added them or subtracted them from each other to create these three shapes of my futuristic surveillance drone.

Drone 2

I then duplicated the black shape, made it smaller and the moved it to the left and then repeated this until I had this.

Drone 3

I then added antennas to the drone.

Drone 4

Next I added an eye-shaped camera to the front of the drone.

Drone 5

I then added a button to the side of the drone.

Drone 6

Next I added the correct colours to the drone. This was fairly simple in Illustrator because you can easily change the colour of the shapes once they are created.

Objects Final

Here is the final piece. I made the front view by aligning it with the side view and creating guides in Illustrator.

Final Evaluation

People Evaluation

Final Face 3

I feel I completed this piece of concept art fairly well and it came out the way I had intended it to be. I like that the image is very sharp and bold, this is due to using Illustrator to create this composition. I also liked my use of bright colours to contrast the black of the visor and the characters skin tone.

However, if I was to do this piece again I would work more on making the jaw of the character more symmetrical and I would also create the rest of the body for the character as just creating the head is kind of limiting.

Environment Evaluation


(Please refer to the actual drawing instead of this picture since the quality of my camera doesn’t do it justice)

This piece I am most proud of out of the three pieces of concept art because I enjoy drawing perspective drawing so it was an enjoyable though tedious at times process. I like the level of detail I used when creating this picture like the vines and smoke coming from the buildings.

If I was to do this drawing again I would have added more detail into the pavement and road area because I feel it is fairly bland compared to the rest of the drawing.

Object Evaluation

Objects Final

I like the futuristic design of this object, the surveillance drone, because it is simple in it’s design and in the same style as the people study since I used Illustrator to design both pieces.

If I was to create this again I would add more detail to the design of this drone such as circuitry and wires. I would also like to create a version to show what it looks like after the apocalypse.


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