Work Based Learning

Zooming Heads Project

Email 1

I advertised free animation work on and this was one of the responses I received.


I started by creating a centre point on the Flash document so I could centre the faces easily when drawing them and enlarging them.


Next I created the a basic sketch of the first face and made it into a graphic so I can easily enlarge it.


I then enlarged the picture 45 times making a keyframe for each frame until I got to this point.


Next I had to draw over each individual frame.


Head Infinite Loop

Here is the first zoom stage.

Head Infinite Loop 1

I feel this looks fairly smooth. All I need to do now is draw over the second section of the zooming face.

Head Infinite Loop 2

Head Infinite Loop 3

Finally I added colour to the gif.

Total time spent on this project was 15 hours.

Block Apocalypse

Reddit Post

I found this post on a and I was interested in the post so I sent a message to the developer and they took me up on the offer.

The first job I had was to make some of their assets look more like they were from an apocalypse so I started working on this door.

Door Front

Door Back

Two Doors1

Two Doors2

Here is a bar bench that I had to create a new texture for.

Bar Bench Front

Bar Bench Back

These two textures took 3 hours to create.

After talking to the project manager we decided not to go with the pixel art theme for the props because we felt it didn’t fit with the more complex geometry on some of the assets.

Broken Door

Broken Door2

Broken Door3

Broken Door4

I was given the task to make the asset for the apartment building look more damaged. So I made three variations of the building.

Trio of Apartments

Trio of Apartments2

Overgrown Apartment

I was given the job to make some camp site related assets so I made a few logs and arranged them into a fire pit.


Camp Collection

Here is a collection of some camp site related assets I created that have been imported into Unity. The time taken to make all of these assets was 10 hours.

Rusty Pistol

One of my jobs has been adding wear and damage to the weapons in game so they look weathered. Here is one of the pistols I have been working on.

3 Pistols

3 Weapons Weathered

Here are some weapons I have been making textures for.

Final Weapons

I re-textured and re-mapped all of these weapons. The total time for this task was 10 hours.